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Affiliate Program FAQ

What is the $POWER Affiliate Program?

The $POWER Affiliate Program is a referral program designed to reward participants for promoting the and attracting new investors or community members.

How does the $POWER Affiliate Program work?

Participants in the $POWER Affiliate Program receive unique referral links through this website. When someone uses their referral link to purchase $POWER Tokens or NFTs, the affiliate earns a commissions.

Who can participate in the $POWER Affiliate Program?

Anyone can participate in the $POWER Affiliate Program, whether you’re a current token holder, community member, or external supporter interested in spreading the word about $POWER. You just need a Cardano wallet like Eternl or VESPR to receive your ADA rewards.

How do I sign up for the $POWER Affiliate Program?

Signing up for the $POWER Affiliate Program is easy, see the links in the top navigation menu.

What kind of commissions can I earn as an affiliate?

The commissions offered through the $POWER Affiliate Program are based on a 20% commission rate. Every sale you make you will earn 20% commissions from that sale. The amount you make depends on the pricing of the product sold and the quantity you can sell.

How are affiliate referrals tracked and attributed?

Affiliate referrals are tracked using unique referral links assigned to each affiliate. When someone clicks on an affiliate’s link or uses their code to make a purchase or sign up, the referral is recorded and attributed to the affiliate.

When and how do affiliates receive their rewards or commissions?

Commissions earned through the $POWER Affiliate Program are currently paid out monthly if the payment threshold has been met. Affiliates can check their account for the current payout threshold.

Is there a limit to how many referrals I can make through the $POWER Affiliate Program?

There is no limit to the amount of referrals you refer, you can refer as many as possible to earn as much as possible. We appreciate the support!